About us

We Are..

Mahati Trust, an NGO registered as a wholly charitable trust U/s 12A and recognized U/s 80G of the IT act, was established in October 2011, to address Women health care and specifically, to address the prevalence of the cervical cancer in urban and rural Karnataka. A group of doctors and corporate personnel constitute Mahati Trust and are working together towards a cervical cancer-free Karnataka.

What is the need (Why)? 

Cancer cervix is completely preventable sexually transmitted virus induced disease. However, 
  • Highest woman cancer deaths in India (26.2%) 
  • One death every 7 minutes in India
  • India makes up 27% of the world’s total cervical cancer cases and deaths every year, despite having only 16% of the world’s population 

  • To make Karnataka cervical cancer free state

  • To spread awareness among women of Karnataka regarding cervical cancer and its prevention. 
  • To provide cervical cancer screening facilities for all women of Karnataka. 

  • To conduct cancer awareness programs for both rural and urban women. 
  • To initiate population based screening programs to women of 35-60yrs of age in rural areas and in Bangalore - urban slums and within corporation limits 
  • To use Pap test as screening tool and aid in effective treatment 
  • To generate and collate information on incidence of cervical cancer in Karnataka